Scott Alan Smith

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Vaccinia virus complement control protein (VCP) has been shown to possess the ability to inhibit both classical and alternative complement pathway activation. The newly found ability of this protein to bind to heparin has been shown in previous studies to result in uptake by mast cells, possibly promoting tissue persistence. It has also been shown to reduce(More)
The exercise pressor reflex (a peripheral neural reflex originating in skeletal muscle) contributes significantly to the regulation of the cardiovascular system during exercise. Exercise-induced signals that comprise the afferent arm of the reflex are generated by activation of mechanically (muscle mechanoreflex) and chemically sensitive (muscle(More)
Dengue is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that is spreading at an unprecedented rate and has developed into a major health and economic burden in over 50 countries. Even though infected individuals develop potent and long-lasting serotype-specific neutralizing antibodies (Abs), the epitopes engaged by human neutralizing Abs have not been identified. Here, we(More)
BACKGROUND The local environment of delivered mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) may affect their ultimate phenotype. MR fluoroscopy has the potential to guide intramyocardial MSC injection to desirable targets, such as the border between infarcted and normal tissue. We tested the ability to (1) identify infarcts, (2) navigate injection catheters to preselected(More)
Symptomatic dengue virus infection ranges in disease severity from an influenza-like illness to life-threatening shock. One model of the mechanism underlying severe disease proposes that weakly neutralizing, dengue serotype cross-reactive antibodies induced during a primary infection facilitate virus entry into Fc receptor-bearing cells during a subsequent(More)
UNLABELLED Following natural dengue virus (DENV) infection, humans produce some antibodies that recognize only the serotype of infection (type specific) and others that cross-react with all four serotypes (cross-reactive). Recent studies with human antibodies indicate that type-specific antibodies at high concentrations are often strongly neutralizing in(More)
We have determined the temporal changes in the concentration of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and P and N components in soil solution following application of synthetic sheep urine (500 kg N ha-1) to a brown forest soil in boxes sown with Agrostis capillaris. Three contrasting defoliation treatments (no cutting, single cut before urine application and(More)
The role of information systems has become increasingly important in the context of evidence-based medicine as a new decision-making paradigm, in the evolution of new forms of medical records and communication structures, and in the redesign of traditional systems of care towards planned care of chronic disease. In this review we describe the past and(More)
Infrared television pupillometry was performed in 71 healthy and 66 insulin-treated diabetic subjects. Resting pupil diameter and the amplitude of the reflex response to standard light flashes were measured in background darkness. In the healthy subjects with small pupils (<6 mm) the size of the light reflex was found to depend on the diameter of the pupil(More)