Scott A. Shackelford

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Ten new salts that pair triazolium and imidazolium cations with closo-icosahedral anions [B(12)H(12)](2-) and [CB(11)H(12)](-) were synthesized in water solvent using an open-air, benchtop method.(More)
Two efficient processes for the synthesis of 12 relatively water-soluble binary triazolium and the first tetrazolium borane [B12H12] and carborane [CB11H12] salts by a one-step, open-air metathesis(More)
A new one-pot nitration employing tetramethylammonium nitrate and trifluoromethanesulfonic anhydride in dichloromethane to provide a ready source of the nitronium triflate nitrating agent is(More)
Two efficient processes for the synthesis of twelve, relatively water soluble, heterocyclium closo-dodecaborane [B12H12] -2 and closo-dodecacarborane [CB11H12] -1 salts by a one-step, open-air(More)
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