Scott A Withrow

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UNLABELLED BACKGROUND/STUDY CONTEXT: The purpose of the current study was to investigate whether age was related to emotional labor strategies (surface and deep acting), and whether emotional intelligence partially explained this relationship. Additionally, employee well-being was examined as an outcome in this model. METHODS A total of 519 participants(More)
Two experiments examined the benefits of unconscious thought on complex decisions (Dijksterhuis, 2004). Experiment 1 attempted to replicate and extend past research by examining the effect of providing reasons prior to rating the options. Results indicated no significant differences between the conditions. Experiment 2 attempted to replicate the findings of(More)
The prevalence of increased adiposity among employees in the American workplace has resulted in significant economic costs to organizations. Unfortunately, relatively little research has examined the effects of excess adiposity on employees themselves. As a step toward remedying this, the current study examined a previously unknown link between adiposity(More)
Psychologists are increasingly positing theories of behavior that suggest psychological constructs are curvilinearly related to outcomes. However, results from empirical tests for such curvilinear relations have been mixed. We propose that correctly identifying the response process underlying responses to measures is important for the accuracy of these(More)
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