Scott A. Webber

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BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) can accurately and non-invasively diagnose basal cell carcinoma (BCC). The use of RCM in assessing responses to saucerization or curettage and cautery of BCC has not been established. The aim of the present study was to expound the usefulness of RCM in assessing treatment responses of BCC to(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES The Reed naevus or pigmented spindle cell naevus of Reed (PSCN) was previously considered a pigmented variant of the spindle cell-type of Spitz naevus. It is now considered a distinct entity and may overlap with cutaneous melanoma in both clinical and dermatoscopic features. We hypothesised that PSCN is an under-recognised entity in(More)
BACKGROUND Current treatments for in-transit melanoma (ITM) metastases are frequently invasive and do not improve overall survival. Recently there has been increasing investigation into the use of topical agents for ITM. Diphenylcyclopropenone or diphencyprone (DPCP) is a novel, topical agent that has been reported to have immune-sensitising properties(More)
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