Scott A. Reid

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Fluorescence resonance energy transfer was used to determine the structural changes in the extracellular ligand-binding segment in a functional glutamate receptor that contains the ligand-binding, transmembrane, and C-terminal segments. These studies indicate that the structural changes previously reported for the isolated ligand-binding domain due to the(More)
We articulate the role of norms within the social identity perspective as a basis for theorizing a number of manifestly communicative phenomena. We describe how group norms are cognitively represented as context-dependent prototypes that capture the distinctive properties of groups. The same process that governs the psychological salience of different(More)
Members of eight single-sex groups each consisting of three proand three anti-capital punishment adherents discussed their views for 30 minutes, and afterwards individually rated ingroup and outgroup members on social in ̄uence ranking, prototypicality, and social attractiveness. From the intragroup hypothesis that speaking turns are a resource for in(More)
Two experiments tested the prediction that uncertainty reduction and self-enhancement motivations have an interactive effect on ingroup identification. In Experiment 1 (N = 64), uncertainty and group status were manipulated, and the effect on ingroup identification was measured. As predicted, low-uncertainty participants identified more strongly with a(More)
It has been suggested that strongly handed individuals have attenuated systems for updating beliefs compared to mixed handers (Niebauer, Aselage, & Schutte, 2002). The current research extended this theory to individual differences in updating beliefs concerning our origins. Although the theory of evolution has gained overwhelming success in the sciences, a(More)
Noncovalent interactions such as hydrogen bonding, π-π stacking, CH/π interactions, and halogen bonding play crucial roles in a broad spectrum of chemical and biochemical processes, and can exist in cooperation or competition. Here we report studies of the homoclusters of chlorobenzene, a prototypical system where π-π stacking, CH/π interactions, and(More)
The excitation spectra of jet-cooled 4-phenylbenzyl and 4-(4'-methylphenyl)benzyl radicals have been identified by a combination of resonant two-color two-photon ionization mass spectrometry and quantum chemical methods. Both radicals exhibit progressions in the biphenyl torsional mode, peaking near ν = 17. The lowest observed peak for 4-phenylbenzyl was(More)
Understanding the mechanisms of long-range energy transfer through polychromophoric assemblies is critically important in photovoltaics and biochemical systems. Using a set of cofacially arrayed polyfluorenes (Fn), we investigate the mechanism of (singlet) exciton delocalization in π-stacked polychromophoric assemblies. Calculations reveal that effective(More)
The clearest dynamical signature of a roaming reaction is a very cold distribution of energy into the rotational and translational degrees of freedom of the roaming donor fragment (e.g. CO) and an exceptionally hot vibrational distribution in the roaming acceptor fragment (e.g. H2, CH4). These signatures were initially identified in joint(More)