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Progesterone is required for the full proliferative activity of the breasts and may be directly or indirectly involved in either stimulating or inhibiting breast cancer. To determine whether the effects on breast cancer are attributable to progesterone metabolites, we compared the capacity of nontumorous and tumorous breast tissue to convert progesterone(More)
The characterization of the "most connected" nodes in static or slowly evolving complex networks has helped in understanding and predicting the behavior of social, biological, and technological networked systems, including their robustness against failures, vulnerability to deliberate attacks, and diffusion properties. However, recent empirical research of(More)
Larval zebrafish exhibit a variety of complex undulatory swimming patterns. This repertoire is controlled by the 300 neurons projecting from brain into spinal cord. Understanding how descending control signals shape the output of spinal circuits, however, is nontrivial. We have therefore developed a segmental oscillator model (using NEURON) to investigate(More)
We examine the hydrodynamics of a granular gas using numerical simulation. We demonstrate the appearance of shearing and clustering instabilities predicted by linear stability analysis, and show that their appearance is directly related to the inelasticity of collisions in the material. We discuss the rate at which these instabilities arise and the manner(More)
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