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Impulsivity is a multidimensional construct that has been linked with obesity. To explore profiles of impulsive behavior potentially associated with adolescent weight status, we measured multiple dimensions of impulsivity (delay discounting, sustained attention, and behavioral disinhibition) using laboratory behavioral tasks in a sample of adolescents(More)
The Abuse Disability Questionnaire was administered to 435 female inmates at a state prison in Ohio. Analysis indicated that 69% of the women reported some type of past physical, sexual, or psychological abuse, which is consistent with other reports for state prisons. Both the amount of abuse reported as well as the extent of associated psychological(More)
OBJECTIVE The primary purpose of this article is to review the unique wellness factors that affect physicians practicing in rural communities. Research has indicated that rural communities often struggle to attract and retain primary care physicians and numerous wellness factors impact these attraction/ retention rates. METHOD Articles selected for(More)
Cluster analysis was used to identify groups of children and adolescents with severe emotional disturbances on the basis of 8 child risk factor questions gathered at intake. The sample of 171 youth was divided into 5 clusters: (a) physically abused, (b) suicide attempt risk, (c) delinquent risk, (d) low risk, and (e) sexually abused. Differences were noted(More)
A sample of 50 women who sought services at a community mental health center were administered screening questionnaires which measure impairment from abuse and mental symptomatology. Scores on Psychiatric Symptomatology and Depression were correlated with impairment associated with partner abuse. Impairment was intermediate between those of a shelter sample(More)
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