Scott A. Fay

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Markets for electronic goods provide the possibility of exploring new and more complex pricing schemes, due to the flexibility of information goods and negligible marginal cost. In this paper we compare dynamic performance across price schedules of varying complexity. We provide a monopolist producer with two machine learning methods which implement a(More)
Each spring, North American spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) females each lay hundreds of eggs in shallow pools of water. Eggs are surrounded by jelly layers and are deposited as large gelatinous masses. Following deposition, masses are penetrated by a mutualistic green alga, Oophila amblystomatis, which enters individual egg capsules, proliferates(More)
Protists are traditionally described as either phototrophic or heterotrophic, but studies have indicated that mixotrophic species, organisms that combine both strategies, can have significant impacts on prey populations in marine microbial food webs. While estimates of active mixotroph abundances in environmental samples are determined microscopically by(More)
Coral reef ecosystems depend on symbiosis between dinoflagellates of the genus Symbiodinium Freudenthal and their various hosts. The physiological characteristics associated with a particular lineage or species of Symbiodinium can determine a host's susceptibility to harmful bleaching. Therefore, the threat posed by global climate change on a host may be(More)
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