Scott A. Fay

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The khmer package is a freely available software library for working efficiently with fixed length DNA words, or k-mers. khmer provides implementations of a probabilistic k-mer counting data structure, a compressible De Bruijn graph representation, De Bruijn graph partitioning, and digital normalization. khmer is implemented in C++ and Python, and is freely(More)
Studies of SOCS-1-deficient mice have implicated Socs-1 in the suppression of JAK-STAT (Janus tyrosine kinase-signal transducers and activators of transcription) signaling and T cell development. It has been suggested that the levels of Socs-1 protein may be regulated through the proteasome pathway. Here we show that Socs-1 interacts with members of the Pim(More)
S schedules are an important but underresearched element of the marketing mix for direct marketers. This paper provides an empirical study on the impact of shipping and handling charges on consumerpurchasing behavior. Using a database from an online retailer that has experimented with a wide variety of shipping-fee schedules, we investigate the impact of(More)
Markets for electronic goods provide the possibility of exploring new and more complex pricing schemes, due to the flexibility of information goods and negligible marginal cost. In this paper we compare dynamic performance across price schedules of varying complexity. We provide a monopolist producer with two machine learning methods which implement a(More)
The pim family of proto-oncogenes encodes three serine-threonine kinases that have been implicated in the development of malignancies in mice and in humans. Expression of the Pim protein kinases is tightly regulated at the transcriptional, post-transcriptional, and translational levels. Dysregulation of pim transcription and pim mRNA stability have been(More)
Information goods, such as journal articles, require substantial initial investment, but low incremental reproduction and distribution costs. Advances in computing and digital communications have nearly eliminated these incremental costs. Thus, positive per-item prices are ineÆcient because they discourages consumption with value greater than marginal cost.(More)
While one-to-one specificity between reef-dwelling hosts and symbiotic dinoflagellates of the genus Symbiodinium may occur, detailed examination of some hosts reveals that they contain multiple symbiont types. Individuals of the foraminifer Amphisorus hemprichii living in Papua New Guinea contained mixed communities of Symbiodinium dominated by symbiont(More)
While the creation of a virtual store eliminates many of the costs incurred by the traditional bricks and mortar retailer, the spatial separation between customers and the retailer’s distribution facility may result in significant distribution costs. In these circumstances, the determination of shipping and handling fee schedules becomes a key element of(More)