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Iron pyrite (FeS(2)) is a naturally abundant and nontoxic photovoltaic material that can potentially make devices as efficient as silicon-based ones; however existing iron pyrite photovoltaic devices contain thermodynamically unstable FeS(2) film surfaces that lead to low open circuit voltages. We report the rational synthesis of phase pure, highly(More)
Iron pyrite is a promising photovoltaic material. The band gap broadening of FeS 2 nanocrystals by 0.1 eV was realized by zinc alloying. A more than fi ve-fold increase of the photoresponse with zinc alloying was observed in the zinc alloyed iron pyrite devices. Iron pyrite (FeS 2) is one of the most promising photovoltaic materials with high natural(More)
Jinlei Yao,1 Nathan J. Takas,2,3 Megan L. Schliefert,4 David S. Paprocki,4 Peter E. R. Blanchard,5 Huiyang Gou,6 Arthur Mar,5 Christopher L. Exstrom,4 Scott A. Darveau,4 Pierre F. P. Poudeu,2,3 and Jennifer A. Aitken1,* 1Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15282, USA 2Advanced Materials Research Institute,(More)
The energy dependence of superelastic scattering is measured for electrons on Mg(3(1)P) from threshold to 270 meV with a novel technique. The method uses photoelectrons produced by a narrow bandwidth laser as an approximately monoenergetic incident electron source to collide with excited atoms. Measurements are made at energies as low as 1.5 meV with a(More)
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