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This paper presents the first results, from a users' perspective, of the precision and accuracy of the SydNET system in post processed, single base and networked RTK modes. SydNET is a network of continuously operating reference stations (CORS) located in the Sydney metropolitan area. The SydNET project is fully funded and managed by the NSW Department of(More)
This journal and all of its contents with no exceptions are covered under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. To view a summary of this license, please see Fair use and other rights are not affected by this license. To learn more about this and other Creative Commons licenses, please see To honor the creative(More)
The PACS implementation process is complicated requiring a tremendous amount of time, resources, and planning. The Department of Defense (DOD) has significant experience in developing and refining PACS acceptance testing (AT) protocols that assure contract compliance, clinical safety, and functionality. The DOD's AT experience under the initial Medical(More)
Continuity of emotions across pre-sleep state and the content of dreams" (1998). Master's Theses. Paper 977. Acknowledgements I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the members of my thesis committee. I thank Dr. Scott Allison for his support, patience and good humor. To Dr. Frederick Kozub I extend my gratitude for his valuable input and(More)
An excellent introduction to the topic of adaptive interventions: Our initial paper, inspired by [1], on the relationship between adaptive interventions and control engineering: A report that describes the technical content in [2] in more detail: Engineering control approaches for the design and analysis of adaptive, time-varying interventions, " Work from(More)
READINGS: The course reader will be available for purchase from the instructors during the first week of class. The readings may change slightly and other readings may be assigned during the semester. The assigned readings provide the background and context for classroom lecture and discussion, therefore, you should read the readings before the class period(More)
The intersection of the Internet Protocol (IP) networks and Public Switched Telephone Netwo rks (PSTN) creates a complex networked environment in which two formerly distinct industries must suddenly function together as part of a single, interdependent system. Though this convergence offers a number of benefits, such as enhanced capabilities and(More)
the user can select to get detailed database and other related information. These database displays have proved to be valuable for quick debugging and verification during commissioning. The strip chart tool is used during commissioning to monitor RF processing parameters such as cavity vacuums and gap voltages. Buttons on EPICS display allow users to start(More)
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