Scot Wheeler

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Electron spin is a key consideration for the function of organic semiconductors in light-emitting diodes and solar cells, as well as spintronic applications relying on organic magnetoresistance. A mechanism for triplet excited state generation in such systems is by recombination of electron-hole pairs. However, the exact charge recombination mechanism,(More)
Parasite removal by cleaner fish provides significant health benefits to a variety of coral reef fish, particularly roving carnivores and herbivores (Grutter et al. 2003). For grey reef sharks (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos), however, such cleaning events are only known to occur sporadically, on exposed oceanic reefs (O'Shea et al. 2010). This is because hosts(More)
We study experimentally, analytically and numerically the backward-wave propagation, and the formation of discrete bright and dark solitons in a nonlinear electrical lattice. The latter is structured by a series diode and a shunt inductor per unit cell, so that it mimics a purely left-handed nonlinear transmission line. We observe experimentally that a(More)
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