Scot F Morse

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We have performed laser-Doppler vibrometry measurements of the vibration of a double-paddle oscillator. Seven modes with principally out-of-plane motion have been identified. Their resonance frequencies and mode shapes are in excellent agreement with three-dimensional finite element simulations. We have found that the second antisymmetric torsional mode has(More)
Impulse backscattering measurements by a thick-walled finite cylindrical shell are examined in the time-frequency domain to identify and characterize individual ray contributions from generalized Lamb waves excited on the shell. Previous experiments and analysis in the frequency-aspect angle domain [S. F. Morse et al., J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 103, 785-794(More)
The dynamics of single-crystal silicon ;100 mm size rectangular paddle oscillators at room temperature have been studied using a recently developed high-resolution scanning laser vibrometer. The dynamic mechanical behavior is determined by scans of the entire device, providing both amplitude and phase spatial maps of the vibratory response. These reveal(More)
Narrow-band backscattering experiments are used to characterize a meridional ray enhancement on a tilted, finite empty cylindrical shell having a blunt truncation. The meridional ray of the lowest order flexural leaky Lamb wave is examined, which has previously been shown to lead to large backscattering enhancements for excitation frequencies near and above(More)
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