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Procedures for generating arbitrary matching-to-sample performances may generate only conditional discriminations. Rational grounds for this distinction are proposed, based on the properties that any equivalence relation must possess. Empirical tests are described for determining whether subjects trained on conditional discriminations are also engaged in(More)
We report on the development of a system which will bring per-sonalised state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition into the homes of people who require voice-controlled assistive technology. The ASR will be sited remotely ('in-the-cloud') and run over a broadband link. This will enable us to adapt the system to the user's requirements and improv the(More)
Complementarity problems are a class of optimization problems which widely pervade infrastructure systems. Complementarity problems capture the concept of network and system equilibrium without the use of a mono-objective function. As a result these problems are useful for modeling infrastructure systems subject to use by actors with varied interests and(More)
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