Scorrtt McKay

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BACKGROUND Chronic heart failure (CHF) patients can experience significant breathlessness despite maximum medication for their heart failure. Morphine has long been used to relieve symptoms in acute failure, but there is little evidence about this potentially useful palliative therapy in CHF. AIMS To determine the efficacy of morphine for the relief of(More)
1. This study presents the results of a 30-week double-blind, placebo-controlled trial exploring the effectiveness of ascorbic acid (8g/70kg/day) as a supplemental pharmacological treatment for autistic children in residential treatment. 2. Residential school children (N = 18) were randomly assigned to either ascorbate-ascorbate-placebo treatment order(More)
BACKGROUND It is still not certain whether it is worth using theophylline in addition to inhaled bronchodilators and corticosteroids to treat obstructive airways disease. This trial was designed to test whether the addition of prescribed theophylline in doses sufficient for sustained optimal steady state plasma concentrations would produce any detectable(More)
We performed neuropsychological testing using the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in four patients one to 15 years after surgery and radiation therapy for childhood craniopharyngioma. Of three patients with impairment of frontal lobe-mediated cognitive function, two had extensive areas of(More)
Thirty subjects with DSM-III diagnoses of bulimia were compared to 30 matched controls on the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery. The bulimics showed poorer performance on tasks associated with functioning of the right frontal cortical area, primarily tasks involving speed of drawing geometric figures. The similarities of the findings to previous(More)
Persons who had been arrested for sexual assault were administered the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery and the results compared to a group of normal controls. The sexual assaulters performed significantly worse on 7 of the 14 scales of the battery. The data were then broken down into three groups: (1) those who had forcibly assaulted postpubescent(More)
OBJECTIVE While there is ongoing debate about the role of physician-offered prayer during the physician-patient encounter, many physicians feel inclined to include prayer in their practices. This randomized-controlled trial evaluated patients' acceptance of physician-offered prayer in a family practice setting, and the impact of physician-offered prayer on(More)
Both schizophrenia and substance abuse have been associated with cerebral impairment, although the neuro psychological performance of schizophrenic patients with substance abuse histories has not been examined. In this study, the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery was administered to schizophrenic patients with or without histories of substance(More)
Hyperactivity, or attention-deficit disorder, is a common disorder of childhood and has serious sequelae. Patients with this problem present frequently to the family physician's office. The physician should be able to perform a thorough evaluation that includes a family interview, a teacher consultation, and referral for psychological testing. Once the(More)