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Allegories are enriched categories generalizing a category of sets and binary relations. In this paper, we extend a new, recently-introduced conceptual data model based on allegories by adding support for modal operators and developing a modal interpretation of the model in any allegory satisfying certain additional (but natural) axioms. The possibility of(More)
One of the deficiencies of SQL is that it allows little practical support for factoring, parametrization and modularization of complex SQL statements. Using dynamic SQL or macroprocessors for this purpose is error prone and inconvenient. This paper shows how the rewriting systems such as Maude can be used to build better SQL preprocessors which understand(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to provide the reader with some insight into how Ethernet controller works on MPC8555E embedded platform produced by Freescale company. The paper will deal with the problems connected with Ethernet performance during power-up of computer when firmware is running on the hardware and later when FreeBSD loader works. Another(More)
The article describes the designing process, implementation and development of the middle-class computer project, accomplished by the students of University of Łódź. The project, which is called SUL, is a WWW-based portal with several set up purposes. Services for students (news, e-mails or private web pages including secure and reliable communication(More)
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