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Diet overlap among two Asian carp and three native fishes in backwater lakes on the Illinois and Mississippi rivers
Bighead and silver carp are well established in the Mississippi River basin following their accidental introduction in the 1980s. Referred to collectively as Asian carp, these species are filterExpand
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Age-0 Sturgeon Accessibility to Constructed and Modified Chutes in the Lower Missouri River
AbstractShallow-water habitat is hypothesized to provide nursery habitat for young fish. The construction of side-channel chutes to restore shallow-water habitat is common in the lower MissouriExpand
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Use of Existing and Reconnected Backwater Habitats by Hatchery-Reared Adult Razorback Suckers: A Predictive Model for the Imperial Division, Lower Colorado River
Abstract Information regarding the life history and biological requirements and preferences for the razorback sucker Xyrauchen texanus is limited. Current recovery efforts involve rearing fish toExpand
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