Schuyler F. Baldwin

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Escherichia coli DH10B was designed for the propagation of large insert DNA library clones. It is used extensively, taking advantage of properties such as high DNA transformation efficiency and maintenance of large plasmids. The strain was constructed by serial genetic recombination steps, but the underlying sequence changes remained unverified. We report(More)
Virtually all large-scale sequencing projects use automatic sequence-assembly programs to aid in the determination of DNA sequences. The computer-generated assemblies required substantial hand-editing to transform them into submissions for GenBank. As the size of sequencing projects increases, it becomes essential to improve the quality of the automated(More)
We present a new method for determining the consensus sequence in DNA fragment assemblies. The new method, Trace-Evidence, directly incorporates aligned ABI trace information into consensus calculations via our previously described representation, Trace-Data Classifications. The new method extracts and sums evidence indicated by the representation to(More)
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