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In robotics, as in numerous other fields, it becomes vital to design modular neural systems where several neural networks participate in the data processing. The global learning of the system supposes that each network is provided with local adaptation rules whereas the inputs and outputs are only supervised at the system level. We show that bi-directional(More)
Hirsch[e|d, Arthur: Les ehangements r~gressifs de la tumeur cane(~reuse produits par une substance hormonale tir(~e du syst~me r(~tieulo-endoth~lial. (Die regressiven Veriinderungen in der Krebsgeschwulst nach Behandlung mit einer hormonalen Substanz aus dem retieuIoendothehalen System.) Rev. fran 9. Endocrin. 15, 392--406 (1937). Theore$isehe ErSrterungen(More)
~ngewiesen, da chemische Vergnderungen noch nicht nachweisbar sind. Nacheinander werden besproehen: Prgeaneerosen der Haut, des Uterus, der Mamma, des Magens und des Darmes. Zum Sehlug werden die allgemeinen Kennzeiehen der Prgeaneerosen zusammengefagt und besonders unterstriehen, dab der Ansdruek Prgeaneerosen aus theoretisehen und praktischen Grfinden(More)
Acute Leukaemia-Beard et al. MBrmJ 195 It is, howvver, difficult to explain on this basis how a patien-may resp6nd again once resistance has occurred (Figs. 1-4). For these reasons we believe that asparaginase should be used in combination with other drugs in the treatment of acute leukaemia. Although when used alone it does not produce complete remission(More)
Electron transfer reactions between thiopyronine triplet (acceptor 3A+) and the electron donors (D), aniline, p-Br-aniline and p-I-aniline, are investigated by flash spectroscopy in solvents of different viscosity and polarity. Due to the heavy-atom effect the radical yield becomes very ~ensitive to the solvent influence, which can be explained by the(More)
Issues involving the manufacture of textiles were examined, ' including the environmental impact of natural fiber production versus man-made fiber production;' synthetic versus natural dyes;3 and the use of natural resources, including land, energy, and water.' The role and impact of legislation on the textile industry were discussed,2d along with the cost(More)
verursacht durch Streptobacterium foetidum Jacqu6 und Masay.) (Laborat. intercommunial., Bruzelles.) Cpt. rend. des sdances de ta soc. de biol. Bd. 96, Nr. 17, S. 1411--1412. 1927. In 2 Familien traten nach dem GenuS yon g e h a c k t e m F l e i s c h V e r g i f t u n g s e r s c h e i n u n g e n auf. In dem Fleisch wurde S t r e p t o b a c t e r i u m(More)
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