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Pedal fusions in the rheumatoid patient.
: This article reviews the indications for fusion in the rheumatoid arthritic patient. It also discusses the principles of arthrodesis in this group of patients and the unique considerations of theExpand
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The resistant, painful, plantar lesion: a surgical approach.
: Osteotomies designed to lift the metatarsal head dorsally on the sagittal plane are performed to alleviate painful plantar lesions beneath the metatarsal head. Correcting the position of the boneExpand
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The deep band of the plantar aponeurosis of the human foot.
: The deep band of the plantar aponeurosis is a variable structure formed by fibers from both the medial and lateral portions of the plantar aponeurosis. This band courses directly to the plantarExpand
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The transverse head of adductor hallucis.
: 91 human cadaver feet were dissected to reveal the transverse head of adductor hallucis and measurements of the weights, angles of pull, width of origin and insertions were recorded. The originsExpand
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Principles of fracture management in children.
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Trauma to the heel.
: Anatomy and soft-tissue structure are reviewed as the basis for presenting descriptions of various types of trauma. Included are discussions of puncture wounds, tendon disruptions, fractures,Expand
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