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Small-signal analysis and polarization stability performance of single-mode VCSELs for MEMS atomic clock applications " , in Proc. [3] A. Gadallah and R. Michalzik, " Densely-packed 2-D matrix-addressable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser arrays " , in Proc. High-power single-higher-order-mode VCSELs for optical particle manipulation " , in(More)
  • D Froebrich, Scholz, C L Raftery
  • 2006
We used star density maps obtained from 2MASS to obtain a sample of star clusters in the entire Galactic Plane with |b| < 20 •. A total of 1788 star cluster candidates are identified in this survey. Among those are 681 previously known open clusters and 86 globular clusters. A statistical analysis indicates that our sample of 1021 new cluster candidates has(More)
INTRODUCTION Type 1 diabetes can be diagnosed at an early presymptomatic stage by the detection of islet autoantibodies. The Fr1da study aims to assess whether early staging of type 1 diabetes (1) is feasible at a population-based level, (2) prevents severe metabolic decompensation observed at the clinical manifestation of type 1 diabetes and (3) reduces(More)
(2009). Cardiac arrhythmia is the primary response of embryonic Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi) exposed to crude oil during weathering. (2009). The synergistic toxicity of pesticide mixtures: implications for ecological risk assessment and the conservation of threatened Pacific salmon. (2009). Effects of water hardness, alkalinity, and dissolved organic(More)
This is the last of three articles dealing with statistics and its applications to the data analysis of materials and components, as used in Metallic Materials and Elements for Aerospace Vehicle Structures (MIL HDBK 5) and the Composite Materials Handbook (MIL HDBK 17) [1,2]. The objective of this series is to discuss some ideas and philosophies underlying(More)
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