Schinzel Davenport

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There is a strong correlation between patients' scores on a psychiatric screening questionnaire and the number of cues indicative of psychological disturbance that patients give during the medical interview. Verbal cues have the strongest correlation with psychological distress as measured by the questionnaire, but movement cues and postural cues are also(More)
(a) q C q C q C Figure 10: (a): A two-axis gripper poised over a trapezoidal part P. There are two pairs of jaws, one formed by H 1 ; L 1 and the other H 2 ; L 2. Both pairs of jaws close in towards a central point, C. The pair H 1 ; L 1 closes in as far as possibly (without deforming the part) before H 2 ; L 2 does. (b): Possible nal poses for P after a(More)
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