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A cross-sectional study utilizing internal controls based on dust exposure determinations was performed on 268 brickworkers. Smoking, age, and other information from a detailed respiratory questionnaire and results from a physical examination and pulmonary function tests were investigated in relation to radiographic abnormality. The prevalence of(More)
AIM To determine normative spirometric values for black and white South African men. METHODS A population of 796 bank personnel were subjected to spirometry and anthropometric measurements. An exhaustive questionnaire and radiographic screening process was used to identify a healthy population. Spirometry was performed using two calibrated instruments, a(More)
AIM To examine the interaction of socio-environmental background, 'race' and anthropometry on spirometry. METHODS A study population of white and black bank workers with broadly comparable current socio-economic circumstances was identified. Detailed questionnaires regarding a number of indicators of socio-environmental status (SES) were administered in(More)
Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is a major cause of non-A, non-B hepatitis in developing countries. Factors influencing sporadic spread of hepatitis E are unclear. We examined anti-HEV seroprevalence and demographic data from 407 urban and 360 rural black South African adults living in formal housing, squatter camps, or mud huts. Anti-HEV sero-prevalence ranged(More)
Forty-five Musa clones, including endemic and introduced cultivars plus hybrids, were evaluated for resistance against the banana weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus, in a field trial in Uganda. The predominant groups of staple crops, East African highland bananas (Musa spp. AAA) and plantains (Musaspp. AAB), as well as plantain-derived hybrids (AAB × AA), showed(More)
A novel virus, GBV-C/hepatitis G virus (GBV-C/HGV), has been cloned and characterised recently. GBV-C/HGV global epidemiology and risk factors for acquisition are currently unclear. We aimed to establish the determinants of this infection in a rural South African (SA) population. The study population included two samples, namely a community-based sample,(More)
OBJECTIVES There is currently no appropriate cognitive screening test available to diagnose dementia cross-culturally in South Africa. The aim of this pilot study was to investigate the efficacy of an informant questionnaire in detecting cognitive decline in the elderly. DESIGN The Deterioration Cognitive Observee (DECO), an informant questionnaire(More)
In a case control study of 122 ex-shale workers, half of whom had simple pneumoconiosis and half of whom did not, those with pneumoconiosis were found to have the poorer lung function. Significant reductions in forced expiratory capacity (FEV1), forced vital capacity (FVC), Vmax50, lung volumes, and carbon monoxide transfer were found in men with(More)