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A highly accurate mathematical method has been presented for analytical characterization of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (CMUTs) built with square diaphragms. The method uses a new two-dimensional polynomial function to more accurately predict the deflection curve of a multilayer square diaphragm subject to both mechanical and(More)
The design of a MEMS Rotman lens that uses a high dielectric constant PZT (Lead Zirconium Titanate) thick film to fill the lens cavity has been presented. The 56 mum thick Rotman lens has a footprint area of 5.5x7.1 mm<sup>2</sup>, incorporates 3 beam ports, 5 array ports, and operates at 77 GHz. The small size of the Rotman lens beamformer enables to(More)
This paper presents a qualitative study of FlexRay and Ethernet in in-vehicle communication networks. Although both protocols have experienced fast growth in the past years, they still have some important deficiencies that deserve attention. This qualitative study has not only outlined the important shortcomings of in-vehicle FlexRay and Ethernet, but also(More)