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An expanded CAG repeat is the underlying genetic defect in Huntington disease, a disorder characterized by motor, psychiatric and cognitive deficits and striatal atrophy associated with neuronal loss. An accurate animal model of this disease is crucial for elucidation of the underlying natural history of the illness and also for testing experimental(More)
Huntington's disease (HD) is an adult-onset neurodegenerative disorder involving motor dysfunction, cognitive deficits, and psychiatric disturbances that result from underlying striatal and cortical dysfunction and neuropathology. The YAC128 mouse model of HD reproduces both the motor deficits and selective degeneration observed in the human disease.(More)
"Fierce" mice, homozygous for the deletion of nuclear receptor 2E1 (NR2E1), show abnormal brain-eye development and pathological aggression. To evaluate functional equivalency between mouse and human NR2E1, we generated mice transgenic for a genomic clone spanning the human NR2E1 locus and bred these animals to fierce mice deleted for the corresponding(More)
The choice of the best set of universal ternary gates for quantum circuits is an open problem. We create exact minimum cost ternary reversible gates with quantum multiplexers using the method of iterative deepening depth-first search (IDDFS) [25]. Such search is better for small problems than evolutionary algorithms or other search methods. Several new(More)
The structure–activity relationship of a new series of tetracyclic spirooxindoles led to the discovery of compound 25a, a potent hNaV1.7 blocker with improved ADME properties and in vivo efficacy in the CFA-induced inflammatory pain model.
BACKGROUND Ongoing armed conflict in Syria has caused large scale displacement. Approximately half of the population of Syria have been displaced including the millions living as refugees in neighboring countries. We sought to assess the health and nutrition of Syrian refugees affected by the conflict. METHODS Representative cross-sectional surveys of(More)
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