Sazzad Hossain

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The choice of the best set of universal ternary gates for quantum circuits is an open problem. We create exact minimum cost ternary reversible gates with quantum multiplexers using the method of iterative deepening depth-first search (IDDFS) [25]. Such search is better for small problems than evolutionary algorithms or other search methods. Several new(More)
There are several researches have been conducted and different methods have been applied to extend the features of indoor location tracking using wireless devices. Fingerprint algorithm is one of the popular methods that have been used to track mobile nodes in indoor structure. This paper focuses on the enrichment of positioning accuracy of the Fingerprint(More)
Representation of indoor 3D location tracking had been an advantage to globally supported to track the mobile unit everywhere, even in different level of building. Our main focus is presenting development of indoor 3D location tracking to replace the existing 2D location tracking. The 2D location tracking mechanism only supports tracking the mobile unit(More)
Due to significant popularity of Location-based Services and Multimedia communication over mobile devices, there are many researches has been conducted to extend the features of location tracking and make it cost-effective to users. It becomes necessary for the users to have seamless communication with automated switching of software applications. This(More)
We present a method of generation of one-time keys (OTK) for single line authentication using zero knowledge (ZK) computation as undertaken by an authentication client application on a mobile device and a registration server. The method comprises initiation of an activation process on the authentication client by a user associated with the mobile device, a(More)
The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) delivers multimedia services using IP integrated voice and packet services. IMS also provide users seamless connectivity. In this paper a location tracking system for IMS is developed track the location of a device. The existing testbed that supports Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) had been developed in the UTM MIMOS Coe,(More)
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