Sazilah Salam

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Late attention by officers in charge to high volumes of crimes and emergency cases can lead to an increase of unsolved cases nationwide. In this paper, we propose the use of Pull & Push Location Based Service model in experiments of the implementation of Location Based Service environment to lessen the problems faced by Police and Fire Fighters in(More)
Most vehicle license plate recognition use neural network techniques to enhance its computing capability. The image of the vehicle license plate is captured and processed to produce a textual output for further processing. This paper reviews image processing and neural network techniques applied at different stages which are preprocessing, filtering,(More)
Evolutions in technology have changed the day-to-day especially in education. The ways of teaching and learning have begun the same process. Only the methods can be varieties depends on the instructors. Nowadays, the interest-growing topic in education is about gamification. Various approach has been introduced through gamification to engage student(More)
Computer Programming is known as a difficult subject that requires complex cognitive task by the majority of students even for those who are taking Computer Science courses. It is normal for programming instructors to provide their students with alternative methods to help them in the learning process. When learning to program for the first time, students(More)
This paper describes the development of a prototype of a video database system, called VidlO, that takes account of the importance of different perspectives in video retrieval. Text-based hierarchical structures are used for representing the contents of a video. The structures are used for supporting the required functionalities in organizing personalized(More)
This paper highlight the development of virtual learning for chemistry subject. In this research, the term virtual learning is used to show the students may see the real material and simulation that involved in learning process using computer. They also able to interact with the material and apparatus for the experiment. Discussion involved on theoretical(More)
Study to explore the effect of customization towards user satisfaction in the daily operation of ERP system .Study carried out in four manufacturing companies. Indepth interviews and surveys used to measure the user satisfaction in the manufacturing companies. The results reveal that exceeding certain level of customization complexity index would reduce the(More)