Sayyed Sadiq Ali

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BACKGROUND Unsafe abortion contributes to a significant portion of maternal mortality in India. Access to safe abortion care is known to reduce maternal mortality. Availability and distribution of abortion care facilities can influence women's access to these services, especially in rural areas. OBJECTIVES To assess the availability and distribution of(More)
During the routine dissection of the abdominal cavity of a 75 years old, embalmed, male cadaver in the Department of Anatomy, an anomalous origin of the common hepatic artery from the hepatomesenteric trunk was observed. The Hepatomesenteric trunk originated from the ventral surface of the aorta at the L1 level. After coursing anteriorly, the trunk divided(More)
In this world of era the importance of electricity is not been hidden by any one and the another aspect of is the requirement and transmission of electricity from the points to its generation transmission and distribution. Here in this research paper we have trying to present a different approach to achieve the wireless transmission of electricity with the(More)
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