Sayyed Hossein Hashemi

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For the first time, an electrodeposited nano-scale islands of ruthenium oxide (ruthenium oxide nanoparticles), as an excellent bifunctional electrocatalyst, was successfully used for hydrazine and hydroxylamine electrocatalytic oxidation. The results show that, at the present bifunctional modified electrode, two different redox couples of ruthenium oxides(More)
Molecular markers provide facilities in order to study genetic diversity and relationship among genotypes. In this study, genetic diversity among 35 genotype of Brassica sp. (belonging B. napus, B. juncea, B. rapa, B. nigra) were determined using 13 ISSR, 3 IRAP markers and 18 REMAP (primer combinations of ISSR and retrotransposon primer). The percentage of(More)
Naphthalene sulfonates are highly water-soluble compounds, indicating a high mobility in aquatic systems along with high temperature stability, which are important substances in the chemical industry. This review covers analytical methods, instruments and techniques used for the pre-concentration and analysis of naphthalene sulfonates in different matrices.(More)
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