Sayyed Bashir Sadjad

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The flexible ligand docking problem is divided into two subproblems: pose/conformation search and scoring function. For successful virtual screening the search algorithm must be fast and able to find the optimal binding pose and conformation of the ligand. Statistical analysis of experimental data of bound ligand conformations is presented with conclusions(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that designing special purpose constraint propagators can significantly improve the efficiency of a constraint programming approach. In this paper we present an efficient algorithm for bounds consistency propagation of the generalized cardinality constraint (gcc). Using a variety of benchmark and random problems, we show(More)
We study the problem of maintaining a (1+2)-factor approximation of the diameter of a stream of points under the sliding window model. In one dimension, we give a simple algorithm that only needs to store O( 1 2 logR) points at any time, where the parameter R denotes the “spread” of the point set. This bound is optimal and improves Feigenbaum, Kannan, and(More)
RoboCup-2001 was the Fifth International RoboCup Competition and Conference (figure 1). It was held for the first time in the United States, following RoboCup-2000 in Melbourne, Australia; RoboCup-99 in Stockholm; RoboCup-98 in Paris; and RoboCup-97 in Osaka. RoboCup is a research-oriented initiative that pioneered the field of multirobot research of robot(More)
A graph is called to be uniquely list colorable, if it admits a list assignment which induces a unique list coloring. We study uniquely list colorable graphs with a restriction on the number of colors used. In this way we generalize a theorem which characterizes uniquely 2–list colorable graphs. We introduce the uniquely list chromatic number of a graph and(More)
A mobile robot should be able to analyze what it is seeing in real time rate and decide accordingly. Fast and reliable analysis of image data is one of the key points in soccer robot performance. In this paper we suggest a very fast method for object finding which uses the concept of perspective view. In our method, we introduce a set of jump points in(More)
There is a conjecture due to Shaoji 3], about uniquely vertex r-colorable graphs which states: \ If G is a uniquely vertex r-colorable graph with order n and size (r ? 1)n ? ? r 2 , then G contains a K r as its subgraph." In this paper for any natural number r we construct a K r-free, uniquely r-colorable graph with (r ? 1)n ? ? r 2 edges. These families of(More)
In this paper we describe some mechanical, hardware and software aspects of our robots specially used in teamwork. The pneumatic design of the gripers and kicker enables the robot to make a good control of ball when dribbling and also passing the ball in short and long distances. The teamwork software enables our robots to perform a cooperative behavior by(More)
ed for playing soccer in the medium-size league according to RoboCup rules and regulations. This robot consists of a moving mechanism, motioncontrol hardware, software, and a wireless communication system. The motion mechanism consists of a drive unit, a steer unit, and a castor wheel. Motion control is carried out by a special control board that uses two(More)