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BACKGROUND The study aim was, for the first time, to conduct a multicenter randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effect of tonsillectomy in patients with IgA nephropathy (IgAN). METHODS Patients with biopsy-proven IgAN, proteinuria and low serum creatinine were randomly allocated to receive tonsillectomy combined with steroid pulses (Group A; n =(More)
The Wharton Financial Institutions Center provides a multidisciplinary research approach to the problems and opportunities facing the financial services industry in its search for competitive excellence. The Center's research focuses on the issues related to managing risk at the firm level as well as ways to improve productivity and performance. The Center(More)
This paper examines whether banking sector reforms and equity market development have made any noticeable impact on banks' lending behavior and firms' corporate financing patterns in the People's Republic of China. Based on data on publicly-listed firms, it has been found that banks' lending biases have been present especially toward large, less profitable(More)
The recent recommendations for the management of lupus nephritis suggest that racial background should be considered while choosing induction therapy. However, the responses to different induction regimens have been poorly studied in Japanese population. Here, we assessed the renal response to different induction therapies in Japanese patients with lupus(More)
BACKGROUND Lupus nephritis class III or IV is associated with a poor prognosis for both patient and renal survival. Recommendations for the management of lupus nephritis have recently been established, and changing therapies is recommended for patients who do not respond adequately to induction therapy. However, it remains a major challenge to determine(More)
Nutcracker phenomenon in IgA nephropathy IgA nephropathy is the most common cause of idiopathic glomerulonephritis in the developed world. Although this disorder was initially thought to follow a benign course, it is now recognized that slow progression to end-stage renal disease occurs in up to 50% of affected patients. The two major clinical presentations(More)
The ongoing euro zone debt crisis creates an undesirable scenario for the global economy as well as for the Asia-Pacific region given that the region has close economic linkages. The paper aims to provide quantitative estimates of the potential impact of the euro zone debt crisis on merchandise exports as well as on economic growth and poverty reduction(More)
High food prices have put increasing inflationary pressures across the Asia-Pacific region and threatened food security. Bad weather in important food-producing countries and speculation in commodity markets have affected global food supplies and added volatility to booming commodity markets that have been fueled in the long-term by increasing global(More)