Sayuri Hirashima

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When we see a series of moving lights attached to a walker's major joints, we can recognize it as a human body in motion (Bruce & Green, 1990; Johansson, 1973). Moreover, observers can recognize the walker's gender from such a display (Barclay, Cutting, & Kozlowski, 1978; Cutting & Kozlowski, 1977; Cutting, Proffitt, & Kozlowski, 1978). For gender(More)
Renal biopsy paraffin sections were examined by low vacuum scanning electron microscopy (LVSEM) in the backscattered electron (BSE) mode, a novel method for rapid pathological analysis which allowed detailed and efficient three-dimensional observations of glomeruli. Renal samples that had been already diagnosed by light microscopy (LM) as exhibiting IgA(More)
The present study introduces a novel method for the direct observation of histological paraffin sections by low vacuum scanning electron microscopy (LVSEM) with platinum blue (Pt-blue) treatment. Pt-blue was applied not only as a backscattered electron (BSE) signal enhancer but also as a histologically specific stain. In this method, paraffin sections of(More)
Low-vacuum scanning electron microscopy (LV-SEM) has been developed which enables the observation of soft, moist, and electrically insulating materials without any pretreatment unlike conventional scanning electron microscopy, in which samples must be solid, dry and usually electrically conductive. The purpose of this study was to assess the usefulness of(More)
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