Sayra Y. López-Ramírez

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UNLABELLED The effect of hypoglycemia on the contents of glycolytic proteins, activities of enzymes/transporters and flux of HeLa and MCF-7 tumor cells was experimentally analyzed and modeled in silico. After 24 h hypoglycemia (2.5 mm initial glucose), significant increases in the protein levels of glucose transporters 1 and 3 (GLUT 1 and 3) (3.4 and(More)
The copper-based drug Casiopeina II-gly (CasII-gly) shows potent antineoplastic effect and diminishes mitochondrial metabolism on several human and rodent malignant tumors. To elucidate whether CasII-gly also affects glycolysis, (a) the flux through the complete pathway and the initial segment and (b) the activities of several glycolytic enzymes of AS-30D(More)
Significant efforts have been made for the development of new anticancer drugs (protein kinase or proteasome inhibitors, monoclonal humanized antibodies) with presumably low or negligible side effects and high specificity. However, an in-depth analysis of the side effects of several currently used canonical (platin-based drugs, taxanes, anthracyclines,(More)
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