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OBJECTIVE To date, the affective temperamental characteristics of adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have not been studied. The aim of this study is to explore those temperamental characteristics for adults diagnosed with ADHD as measured by the TEMPS-A and then to compare those results with results for individuals diagnosed with(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether Child Behavior Checklist/4-18 (CBCL) and Teacher Report Form (TRF) scores of children and adolescents with a first-time diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are different and whether there is a similar difference in normal control subjects. METHOD We analyzed the CBCL and TRF scores of 146 patients(More)
Objectives. Hypersensitivity reactions to drugs are not infrequent. A certain of anxiety, aggression or depression should be expected in patients with drug allergies, as they could experience symptoms ranging from mild to life-threatening reactions following consumption of drug. However, a literature search resulted in very limited data. This study was(More)
Plasma active renin (PAR), plasma inactive renin (PIR), and plasma renin activity (PRA) were determined after intravenous bolus injection of the renin inhibitor SR 42128, in sodium repleted and sodium depleted macacas. The kit renin of Pasteur Diagnostics allows determination of PAR after renin inhibition by SR 42128. PAR and total plasmatic renin (TPR)(More)
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