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Self localization in sensor networks with measurements that include outliers is an important problem. E.g., distance measurements based on non-line-of-sight observations can be quite wrong. If not handled properly, such outliers can greatly influence the positioning accuracy. To achieve robustness we consider positioning with Huber estimators. The Huber(More)
— Efficient multipath time delay estimation is of great importance for positioning with Ultra-Wide-Band signals in indoor environments. In dense multipath environments a simple assumption is to model the multipath terms as attenuated and delayed copies of a known waveform. A more realistic model is however the scenario where the pulse shape is different for(More)
Tensegrity structures are spatial, reticulate and lightweight systems composed of struts and cables. Stability is provided by the self-stress state between tensioned and compressed elements. Tensegrities have received interest among scientists and engineers in fields such as architecture, civil and aerospace engineering. Flexibility and ease of tuning make(More)
In this paper, we present an algebraic description of the aliasing phenomena evident in the linear sampling process of multidimensional periodic band limited signals. Opposed to the classical Shannon sampling, periodic band limited signals underlie a different aliasing structure providing further freedom in the sampling strategy due to the discreteness of(More)
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