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OBJECTIVES We determine the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in an urban population of Zanjan, a province located to the west of Tehran. METHODS Randomly selected adults >20 years were studied using stratified sampling. Target study sample was 2941 (1396 males and 1545 females). Metabolic syndrome was diagnosed using Adult Treatment Panel-III(More)
Objective. This study evaluated temperature rise of low-shrinkage (LS) self-etch primer (P), LS self-etch adhesive (A), and P90 silorane-based composite resin systems, photopolymerized under normal and artificially demineralized dentin. Methods. Forty 1.5 mm-thick dentin discs were prepared from sound human molars, half of which were demineralized.(More)
OBJECTIVES Light-curing of resin-based materials (RBMs) increases the pulp chamber temperature, with detrimental effects on the vital pulp. This in vitro study compared the temperature rise under demineralized human tooth dentin during light-curing and the degrees of conversion (DCs) of three different RBMs using quartz tungsten halogen (QTH) and(More)
INTRODUCTION Dyslipidemia is an important risk factor in cardiovascular diseases. Different studies have shown that Apolipoprotein B (Apo B) is one of the best predictors in determining cardiovascular diseases and patients follow up after cardiovascular events. We hypothesized that there is a relation between Apo B levels and cardiovascular events in(More)
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