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Microcontroller Based Automated Water Level Sensing and Controlling: Design and Implementation Issue
In this paper we introduce the notion of water level monitoring and management within the context of electrical conductivity of the water. More specifically, we investigate the microcontroller basedExpand
Low cost and portable patient monitoring system for e-Health services in Bangladesh
A raspberry pi microcomputer based system has been developed which can be used by paramedics for collecting different sensor data and generating different signals from a patient and sending these signals to specialist doctor who are in a centre or in a hospital. Expand
Innovative approach in web application effort & cost estimation using functional measurement type
This paper aims to propose an approach to develop the correctness of software effort and cost estimation using the structure of data set of a web application to ensure that functional measurement types were precisely measured. Expand
PSO-NF based vertical handoff decision for ubiquitous heterogeneous wireless network(UHWN)
In this paper, Hybrid of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Neuro-Fuzzy (NF) has been proposed for improving Vertical Hand-off (VHO) decision for the Ubiquitous Heterogeneous Wireless NetworkExpand
A new approach for road networks ¿ A vehicle XML device collaboration with big data
Large amount of money is lost to manipulate traffic system or road congestion worldwide every year. By providing the travel time for a specific road, traffic congestion can be minimized. ManyExpand
ModelMine: a tool to facilitate mining models from open source repositories
ModelMine, a novel mining tool focuses on mining model-based artifacts and designs from open source repositories, has the potential to become instrumental for cross-disciplinary research that combines modeling and design with repository mining and artifacts extraction. Expand
Migration to Cloud Computing- The Impact on IT Management and Security
The impact that cloud computing is having on IT management roles by examining redundant and emerging roles is discussed and security of cloud computing from user’s and security professionals’ perspectives is explored and related issues discussed. Expand
The human in model‐driven engineering loop: A case study on integrating handwritten code in model‐driven engineering repositories
The study finds that handwritten code quality in the MDE context suffers from elevated technical debt and code smells, which implies that code generators must optimize for human comprehension, prioritize extensibility, and must facilitate integration with handwritten code elements. Expand