Sayed Masoud Sayedi

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This study presents a dual-edge triggered static scanable flip-flop suitable for low-power applications. The proposed circuit deploys reduced swing-clock and swing-data to manage dynamic power. Furthermore, it employs clockand power-gating during idle mode to eliminate dynamic power and reduce static power, while retaining its state. The static structure of(More)
A log-domain current-mode true RMS-to-DC converter based on a novel synthesis of a simplified current-mode low pass filter and a two-quadrant squarer/divider is presented. The circuit employs floating gate MOS (FG-MOS) transistors operating in weak inversion region. The converter features low power(<1.5uW), low supply voltage (0.9V), two quadrant input(More)
Skin detection is one the most studied subjects in vision literature. Due to the appealing features of skin segmentation algorithms, they are widely used in different biometric applications such as face detection, face recognition, face tracking, hand gesture recognition, etc. However, several challenges such as nonlinear illumination, equipment effects,(More)
Skin detection plays a very essential role in many image processing applications such as face localization, face recognition, gesture recognition and human identification. A robust pre-processing skin detection algorithm can significantly increase the performance of an application in both terms of speed and accuracy. Skin segmentation is often(More)
—In this paper an efficient high-speed architecture of Gaussian normal basis multiplier over binary finite field GF(2 m) is presented. The structure is constructed by using regular modules for computation of exponentiation by powers of 2 and low-cost blocks for multiplication by normal elements of the binary field. Since the exponents are powers of 2, the(More)