Sayed Mahmmod Okhovat

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Knowledge of genetic diversity in A. rabiei provides different levels of information that are important in the management of crop germplasm resources. Gene flow on a regional level indicates a significant potential risk for the regional spread of novel alleles that might contribute to fungicide resistance or the breakdown of resistance genes. Simple(More)
Powdery mildew of wheat caused by Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici (Bgt) is one of the most important fungal diseases in Iran. During the years 1998-2001, wheat fields in Sistan province were surveyed and powdery mildew infected samples were collected from various areas and transferred to the laboratory. In the greenhouse, fungal spores were purified and(More)
Root rot and crown rot of rice is one of the important fungal diseases of rice in Gilan and Zanjan provinces, Iran. During 1999--2002, samples of plant and soil around the roots of infected rice plants were collected and used to identify the causal agent. Root and crown parts were surface sterilized with sodium hypochlorite and then cultured on PDA (potato(More)
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