Sayed Jeeshan Ali

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Fractures that result from torsional loading of shafts in mechanical systems of nonbiologic materials generate a fracture line that forms a 45 degrees angle to an axis that is perpendicular to the direction of torsional loading on the shaft. As tension and compression are applied to these isotropic substances, the angle of fracture increases and decreases,(More)
A patient collimator for the fission converter based epithermal neutron beam (FCB) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Reactor (MITR-II) was built for clinical trials of boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT). A design was optimized by Monte Carlo simulations of the entire beam line and incorporates a modular construction for easy(More)
Previous velocity interferometers used at research laboratories for shock physics experiments measured target motion at a point or many points on a line on the target. Recently, a two-dimensional (2d) version (2d-velocity interferometer system for any reflector) has been demonstrated using a pair of ultrashort (3 ps) pulses for illumination, separated by(More)
A normal-incidence visible and near-infrared shock wave optical reflectivity diagnostic was constructed to investigate changes in the optical properties of materials under dynamic laser compression. Documenting wavelength- and time-dependent changes in the optical properties of laser-shock compressed samples has been difficult, primarily due to the small(More)
This paper proposed a prototype that analyses various Bio-medical parameters like temperature and heartbeat obtained from the sensors used &with the help of a microcontroller, all the parameters obtained are displayed on an LCD screen. Based on the parameters obtained the patient is continuously monitored and if in case of any critical mishap when the(More)
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