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Many flows of practical interest occur at high Reynolds number, at which the flow in most of the boundary layer is turbulent, showing apparently random fluctuations in velocity across a wide range of scales. The range of scales over which these fluctuations occur increases with the Reynolds number and hence high Reynolds number flows are difficult to(More)
Dimensional analysis and overlap arguments lead to a prediction of a region in the streamwise velocity spectrum of wall-bounded turbulent flows in which the dependence on the streamwise wave number, kappa(1), is given by kappa(1)(-1). Some recent experiments have questioned the existence of this region. In this Letter, experimental spectra are presented(More)
An experimental study that examines spatial resolution effects on the measured streamwise velocity component is presented. Normal hot-wire measurements for mean flow velocity profiles, streamwise turbulence intensity profiles in addition to their respective spectra at different levels within the turbulent boundary layers will be presented. Measurements were(More)
  • Huda M. Abu-Tayyem, Amna H. Alshamsi, Sayed Hafez, Eman Mohie ElDin
  • 2011
Introduction: European-American norms are still used in the orthodontic treatment of Emirates patients despite the different ethnic backgrounds of the Emirates. The purpose of this study was to formulate cephalometric norms for lateral cephalometric measurements of Emirates adults and to study gender differences. Methods: Lateral cephalometric radiographs(More)
Dimensional analysis leads to a prediction of a -1-power-law for the streamwise velocity spectrum in a turbulent boundary layer. This law can be derived from overlap arguments or from physical arguments based on the attached eddy hypothesis of Townsend (1976). Some recent experiments have questioned the existence of this power-law region in wall-bounded(More)
in this paper the encoder design of two parallel concatenated convolutional codes (PCCC) have been introduced. Concept of puncturing is also considered. PCCC is also named as Turbo codes. Decoding process of turbo-codes using a maximum a posteriori (MAP) algorithm has been discussed. Different parameters affect the BER performance of turbo codes are(More)
in this paper a wideband single stage pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (PHMET) amplifier has been designed at 5.8 GHz, the input and output matching circuits have a pi form.Noise cancelling principle and sensitivity analysis are performed .Simulation results have been compared with their correspondence in [10] give 2.71 dB improvement in(More)
Radar systems, based on Multistatic radar concept attracted a substantial attention in the recent years. The paper proposes system geometry for S-band Multistatic radar. This technique is used for detecting and tracking the small cross section area and stealthy aircrafts. The proposed geometrical structures are studied with different radars spacing to(More)
the energy generation using windmills depends mainly on the wind speed which has a random behavior so; it is difficult to create statistical approaches with prior and deterministic parameters. Since wind speed is directly affected by some factors such as seasons, years, solar activities and land breeze, the behavioral modeling can be achieved. Prediction of(More)