Sayed Ali

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EPI-2010 is a respirable antisense oligonucleotide (RASON), which selectively attenuates discordantly overexpressed adenosine A(1) receptors in allergic lung (Nature 1997;385:721). In the present study, aerosolized [(35)S]-labeled EPI-2010 (5 mg exposure; specific activity 0.055 Ci/mmol) was administered to normal rabbits by endotracheal tube to assess(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine if serum biochemical and MRI biomarkers differed between high volume (> or =230 texts sent/day; n = 5) and low volume (< or =25 texts sent/day; n = 5) texters. A secondary aim was to ascertain what correlations between the biochemical and imaging biomarkers could tell us about the pathophysiology of early onset(More)
  • Sarah M Dhannoon, Ali A Alsaad, Sayed K Ali, Sayed, Gov
  • 2016
A BLOCKIN19 BLOCKINyear BLOCKINold BLOCKINmale, BLOCKINwith BLOCKINno BLOCKINpast BLOCKINmedical BLOCKINhistory, BLOCKINpresented BLOCKINto BLOCKINthe emergency BLOCKINdepartment BLOCKINwith BLOCKINa BLOCKINwitnessed BLOCKINepisode BLOCKINof BLOCKINgeneralized tonic-clonic BLOCKINseizure. BLOCKINThe BLOCKINseizure BLOCKINlasted BLOCKINapproximately BLOCKIN7(More)
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