Sayed Ali

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OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine if serum biochemical and MRI biomarkers differed between high volume (> or =230 texts sent/day; n = 5) and low volume (< or =25 texts sent/day; n = 5) texters. A secondary aim was to ascertain what correlations between the biochemical and imaging biomarkers could tell us about the pathophysiology of early onset(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if magic angle plays a role in apparent central increased signal intensity of the distal extensor carpi ulnaris tendon (ECU) on MRI, to see if histologic findings of tendon degeneration are associated with increased T1 or T2 tendon signal on MR imaging, and to determine the prevalence of the ECU "pseudolesion". MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
This work presents an application of wireless sensor network (WSN) of the random access with one way transmission to the monitoring of the patients in the hospital. In the paper, we will study a clustered wireless sensor network. The sensors are within each cluster forward the message to another cluster via cooperative communication techniques. In wires(More)
Clear cell sarcoma of soft tissue is a rare, aggressive soft tissue tumor, which is morphologically similar to malignant melanoma but has no precursor skin lesion and, instead, has a characteristic chromosomal translocation. It is critical, yet challenging, to recognize clear cell sarcoma of soft tissue because the outcome is very different to that of(More)
This paper proposed a prototype that analyses various Bio-medical parameters like temperature and heartbeat obtained from the sensors used &with the help of a microcontroller, all the parameters obtained are displayed on an LCD screen. Based on the parameters obtained the patient is continuously monitored and if in case of any critical mishap when the(More)
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