Sayed Ali

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OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine if serum biochemical and MRI biomarkers differed between high volume (> or =230 texts sent/day; n = 5) and low volume (< or =25 texts sent/day; n = 5) texters. A secondary aim was to ascertain what correlations between the biochemical and imaging biomarkers could tell us about the pathophysiology of early onset(More)
The authors describe a patient who underwent orthotopic cardiac transplantation after an undifferentiated cardiac sarcoma was diagnosed. While receiving immunosuppressive therapy, the patient developed spinal column metastases and cauda equina syndrome requiring surgical decompression and stabilization. This occurred despite an exhaustive search for(More)
A BLOCKIN19 BLOCKINyear BLOCKINold BLOCKINmale, BLOCKINwith BLOCKINno BLOCKINpast BLOCKINmedical BLOCKINhistory, BLOCKINpresented BLOCKINto BLOCKINthe emergency BLOCKINdepartment BLOCKINwith BLOCKINa BLOCKINwitnessed BLOCKINepisode BLOCKINof BLOCKINgeneralized tonic-clonic BLOCKINseizure. BLOCKINThe BLOCKINseizure BLOCKINlasted BLOCKINapproximately BLOCKIN7(More)
  • Sayed Ali, Asghar Fathi, Nakisa Bakhshizadeh
  • 2015
In this study, the spatial distribution of overwintered adults of Sunn pest, Eurygaster integriceps Puton, was investigated by using dispersion parameters and indices, mathematical distribution, and regression techniques in rainfed wheat fields by sample size of 1 m 2 in 2009 and 2010. The dispersion parameters including: mean-variance test and clumping(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if magic angle plays a role in apparent central increased signal intensity of the distal extensor carpi ulnaris tendon (ECU) on MRI, to see if histologic findings of tendon degeneration are associated with increased T1 or T2 tendon signal on MR imaging, and to determine the prevalence of the ECU "pseudolesion". MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
This work presents an application of wireless sensor network (WSN) of the random access with one way transmission to the monitoring of the patients in the hospital. In the paper, we will study a clustered wireless sensor network. The sensors are within each cluster forward the message to another cluster via cooperative communication techniques. In wires(More)
This paper introduces a new technique for achieving minimum risk of predicting stock trend using multi-layer perceptron. The proposed technique presents the method of classification the stock trend .the paper show a comparison among multi-layer perceptron, gene learning theory. The achieved results show the superior performance of the multi-layer perceptron(More)
Introduction: Morphine addiction and morphine withdrawal syndrome are the two main problems of today's human society. The present study has investigated the effects of nicotine on the strength of physical and psychological dependency in single and repeated doses morphine administrated rats. Methods: Male Wistar rats were subjected to morphine consumption(More)