Sayantani Saha

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This paper describes the architecture and design of WSN based applications integrated with cloud based delivery model for a fast and reliable data transmission to the end users. The operational challenges of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) have increased the need for additional resource support from different paradigms. Cloud computing has emerged as a(More)
Surveillance is becoming a need in any public or private area to cope up with increasing number of threats starting from burglary, robbery to terrorist activities. The traditional methods for monitoring are commonly confined in the use of CCTV cameras or wireless sensor network (WSN). These two techniques serve the purpose in different ways. CCTV cameras(More)
Data centric applications like remote healthcare application designed on a WSN-Cloud computing integrated architecture requires attention to its secure data management mechanism. A huge amount of data is generated in a health care application, which needs to be managed efficiently so that fast and reliable data communication and access can take place among(More)
Cloud computing offers and allows users to use infrastructure, platforms, and software as services. With the advent of mobile computing, and cloud computing supporting mobile services, a merger of both these computing has opened a new domain of mobile cloud computing. Predictably, this has given way to a large number of issues coming forward, first and(More)
A series of Mo2, Ru2, Rh2 and Cu2 complexes with redox-active NP-R [2-(2-R)-1,8-naphthyridine; R = pyrazinyl (NP-pz, L1) and thiazolyl (NP-tz, L2)] ligands have been synthesized and characterized by X-ray crystallography and spectroscopic methods. Two NP-R ligands wrap the dimetal core by occupying four equatorial positions and two axial sites. The(More)
Routing protocol in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) poses lots of challenges in today’s research world. In most of the applications we need to maintain reliability, efficiency, scalability. In this context we have evaluated the performance of Collection Tree Protocol (CTP) for WSN applications and examined that CTP performs poorly in case of data delivery(More)
The growing demand for seamless invocation of different multimedia services from handheld devices anytime anywhere is the main driving force for drawing attention in the area of mobility management. Although Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based mobility solution is very efficient for real-time services, Mobile IP is required to handle mobility of the(More)
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