Sayantan Dey

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This work proposes a wavelet based Steganographic technique for the color image. The true color cover image and the true color secret image both are decomposed into three separate color planes namely R, G and B. Each plane of the images is decomposed into four sub bands using DWT. Each color plane of the secret image is hidden by alpha blending technique in(More)
This paper presents a solution to the approximate k-means clustering problem for very large distributed datasets. Distributed data models have gained popularity in recent years following the efforts of commercial, academic and government organizations, to make data more widely accessible. Due to the sheer volume of available data, in-memory single-core(More)
Clustering streaming data has gained importance in recent years due to an expanding opportunity to discover knowledge in widely available data streams. As streams are potentially evolving and unbounded sequence of data objects, clustering algorithms capable of performing fast and incremental processing of data points are necessary. This paper presents a(More)
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