Sayan Chakraborty

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In this present work, we propose a new reversible color image watermarking technique, using trigonometric functions. The proposed method embeds secret bits into the gray planes of color image, using interpolation method and few trigonometric functions. Experimental results presented in this paper shows that the watermark can be successfully embedded and(More)
AUTHOR Amnon Levy Zhenya Hu This paper proposes a theoretical framework to account for systematic risk in recovery and to address the correlation between the firm’s underlying asset process and recovery. Under the proposed framework, the expected value in default under the risk neutral measure can be expressed as a linear function of the(More)
Tracheary Element Differentiation Inhibitory Factor (TDIF) belongs to the family of post-translationally modified CLE (CLAVATA3/embryo surrounding region (ESR)-related) peptide hormones that control root growth and define the delicate balance between stem cell proliferation and differentiation in SAM (shoot apical meristem) or RAM (root apical meristem). In(More)
Glomerulus diameter and Bowman's space width in renal microscopic images indicate various diseases. Therefore, the detection of the renal corpuscle and related objects is a key step in histopathological evaluation of renal microscopic images. However, the task of automatic glomeruli detection is challenging due to their wide intensity variation, besides the(More)
The Hippo pathway effectors YAP and TAZ act as nuclear sensors of mechanical signals in response to extracellular matrix (ECM) cues. However, the identity and nature of regulators in the ECM and the precise pathways relaying mechanoresponsive signals into intracellular sensors remain unclear. Here, we uncover a functional link between the ECM proteoglycan(More)
Video compression is the most active research area in multimedia and signal processing. The most important component in multimedia is video. From surveillance to disease diagnosis video has numerous applications. Videos generally contain huge temporal redundancy. Hence, such video requires the use of motion vector estimation technique in order to remove the(More)
In IVUS imaging, constant linear velocity and a constant angular velocity of 1800 rev/min causes displacement of the calcium in subsequent image frames. To overcome this error in intravascular ultrasound video, IVUS image frames must be registered prior to the lesion quantification. This paper presents a comprehensive comparison of four registration(More)
In the present era of mechanization, image segmentation has brought revolutionary changes in the field of image processing. There are many image segmentation methods in use but most of the prevalent techniques are not very efficient. In our current work, a method is proposed to segment images using multi-threaded programming and k-means clustering. Parts of(More)
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths globally. The identity and role of cell surface molecules driving complex biological events leading to HCC progression are poorly understood, hence representing major lacunae in HCC therapies. Here, combining SILAC quantitative proteomics and biochemical approaches, we(More)