Sayan Bhattacharyya

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Glass micropipettes, atomic force microscope tips and nanoneedles can be used to interrogate cells, but these devices either have conical geometries that can damage cells during penetration or are incapable of continuous fluid handling. Here, we report a carbon-nanotube-based endoscope for interrogating cells, transporting fluids and performing optical and(More)
Nanoscale multifunctional carbon probes facilitate cellular studies due to their small size, which makes it possible to interrogate organelles within living cells in a minimally invasive fashion. However, connecting nanotubes to macroscopic devices and constructing an integrated system for the purpose of fluid and electrical signal transfer is challenging,(More)
Large digitized text collections are of immense potential value to historians but are notoriously difficult to digest, given the near-impossibility of reading the entirety of their content within a reasonable amount of time. Making sense of such collections on the basis of searching with keywords is usually inadequate because it is often hard to know(More)
Zn(x)Cd(1-x)Se/C core/shell nanocrystals with 31-39 nm semiconducting core and 11-25 nm carbon shell were synthesized from solid state precursors in large scale amounts. A mixture of spherical and tripod nanostructures were obtained only in the one-step reaction (ZC3), where the Zn- and Cd-precursors were reacted simultaneously, rather than in the two step(More)
3. When to merge templates . Every time a new template was generated for an article, the system considered merging it with existing templates . A merge was performed if another template with the same INCIDENT TYPE already existed, and if there were no explicit contradictions between the existing template's filled fields and the new template . For example,(More)
The HathiTrust Digital Library (HTDL) consists of digitized print materials contributed from the collections of some of the foremost research libraries of the world. The HTDL contains over 11 million volumes comprising approximately 3.9 billion pages. In this paper, we describe an exploratory bibliometric study to examine and characterize music-related(More)
The University of Michigan's natural language processing system, called LINK, is a unificationbased system which we have developed over the last four years . Prior to MUC-4, LINK had been used to extract information from free-form texts in two narrow application domains . One application corpus contained terse descriptions of symptoms displayed by(More)
ZnxCd1-xSe/C core/shell nanocrystals with 31-39 nm diameter semiconductor cores and 11-25 nm-thick carbon shells were synthesized from solid state precursors in large scale amounts. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) showed striations in the nanocrystals that are indicative of a composition modulation, and reveal a chemical phase separation and possible(More)
To boost the photoconversion efficiency (PCE) of ever promising quantum dot sensitized solar cells (QDSSCs), and to improve the design of photoanodes, the ability of the counter electrode (CE) to effectively reduce the oxidized electrolyte needs special attention. A composite of a 15 wt% graphene oxide nanoribbon (GOR), obtained by unzipping multi-walled(More)