Sayaka Yaoya

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The glucosylation of some coumarin and flavone derivatives on incubation with the hairy roots of morning glory (Pharbitis nil) was previously reported. We further studied the biotransformation of benzaldehyde- and acetophenone-type derivatives. Vanillin and isovanillin were reduced to alcoholic derivatives and glucosylated at the phenolic and the alcoholic(More)
Hairy roots of medicinal morning glory (Pharbitis nil) showed potent glucosylation activity against umbelliferone and aesculetin, so the glucosylation activity against several phenolic compounds was tested. Some coumarin derivatives and flavone derivatives having phenolic hydroxyl groups were incubated with the hairy roots. The coumarin derivatives and(More)
Hairy root cultures of Pharbitis nil treated with CuSO4 and methyl jasmonate (MeJA) produced umbelliferone (1) and scopoletin (2) in the culture medium, and skimmin (3), a beta-D-glucopyranoside of 1, was isolated from the hairy roots. While 1 in the medium increased and reached a maximal level 16 h after the treatment with CuSO4, the amount of 3 in the(More)
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