Sayaka Nagai

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The components of the volatile oils from the straws of Oryza sativa L. (Onshinomai, Asamurasaki, Hinohikari) were analyzed by capillary GC/GC-MS. The quantification of volatile compounds in the oils was made by the internal standard method, using palmitic acid as reference substance. Palmitic acid was the most abundant component in these samples, followed(More)
Given a graph G, a designated vertex r and a natural number k, we wish to find k “independent” spanning trees ofG rooted at r, that is, k spanning trees such that, for any vertex v, the k paths connecting r and v in the k trees are internally disjoint in G. In this paper we give a linear-time algorithm to find k independent spanning trees in a k-connected(More)
Rotaviruses are the leading cause of severe dehydrating diarrhea in children worldwide. We have found that high-M(r) glycoprotein fraction (F1) from cow's milk whey has potent inhibitory activity against human rotavirus (HRV) in cell culture. The present study was undertaken to identify and characterize the components responsible for this inhibitory(More)
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