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Nerve growth factor (NGF) plays a critical role in the trigeminal ganglion (TG) following peripheral nerve damage in the oral region. Although neurons in the TG are surrounded by satellite glial cells (SGCs) that passively support neural function, little is known regarding NGF expression and its interactions with TG neurons and SGCs. This study was(More)
Previous work suggests that slowly adapting (SA) periodontal afferents have different synaptic arrangements in the principal (Vp) and oral trigeminal nuclei and that the synaptic structure associated with transmitter release may be related directly to bouton size. The present study examined the ultrastructures of SA and fast adapting (FA) vibrissa afferents(More)
A previous study has shown that mesencephalic periodontal afferent terminals receive contacts more frequently from axonal endings containing pleomorphic, synaptic vesicles (P-endings) in the supratrigeminal nucleus (Vsup) than in the trigeminal motor nucleus, suggesting that interneurons in Vsup play an important role in modulating the jaw-closing reflex.(More)
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