Sayaka Kojima

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Pulmonary surfactants little affected the release ratio of rifampicin from rifampicin-loaded poly(lactide-co-glycolide) PLGA microspheres. The release ratio of rifampicin was depending on pH of pulmonary surfactant solution, showing that rifampicin-loaded PLGA microspheres have an ideal property to deliver rifampicin into alveolar macrophages inside of(More)
In order to study the disposition of dimethylamphetamine (DMAP) and its metabolites, DMAP N-oxide, methamphetamine (MA) and amphetamine (AP), from plasma to hair in rats, a simultaneous determination method for these compounds in biological samples using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry with selected ion monitoring (GC-MS-SIM) was developed. As DMAP(More)
Pellet formulations as represented by multiparticulate systems are often contained in hard capsules. We examined the use of a different approach to the making of compressed tablets containing pellets, OSDRC-technology. OSDRC-technology employs a double-structure punch (center punch and outer punch) allowing for dry-coated tablets to be assembled in a single(More)
Hydrated and dehydrated red cell samples were prepared from normal human red cells using the antibiotic nystatin. Furthermore, a series of red cell samples exposed to elevated temperature (20-50 degrees C, 10 min) were prepared. The osmotic fragility and deformability of these red cells were then measured, using the coil planet centrifuge system and the(More)
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