Sayaka Ashikaga

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To estimate the minimal gene set required to sustain bacterial life in nutritious conditions, we carried out a systematic inactivation of Bacillus subtilis genes. Among approximately 4,100 genes of the organism, only 192 were shown to be indispensable by this or previous work. Another 79 genes were predicted to be essential. The vast majority of essential(More)
We isolated a Bacillus subtilis natto strain, designated OK2, from a lot of commercial fermented soybean natto and studied its ability to undergo natural competence development using a comG-lacZ fusion at the amyE locus. Although transcription of the late competence genes was not detected in the B. subtilis natto strain OK2 during competence development,(More)
Glycolic acid chemical peeling is effective for treating comedones, and some clinical data show that it also improves inflammatory eruptions. The purpose of this study was to identify the mechanism of glycolic acid chemical peeling to improve inflammatory acne. To assess growth inhibitory and bactericidal effects of glycolic acid on Propionibacterium acnes(More)
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