Say Song Goh

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The standard approach for joint estimation of time delay and Doppler shift of a signal is to estimate the point at which the cross ambiguity function of the original and modified signals attains its maximum modulus. Since band-limited signals can be expressed exactly by their Shannon series, we here consider approximated signals gained by truncating their(More)
We first extend a theorem on linear independence of steering vectors proposed by Godara and Cantoni to include more array-sensor scenarios. We then show that an array can have pairwise linearly independent steering vectors even when all its intersensor spacings are more than X / 2 where X is the wavelength of the signals. We next propose a theorem for(More)
This paper is on the angle-frequency localization of periodic scaling functions and wavelets. It is shown that the uncertainty products of uniformly local, uniformly regular and uniformly stable scaling functions and wavelets are uniformly bounded from above by a constant. Results for the construction of such scaling functions and wavelets are also(More)
Diabetic retinopathy is a major cause of blindness and microaneurysms are the first clinically observable manifestations of diabetic retinopathy. Regular screening and timely intervention can halt or reverse the progression of this disease. This paper describes an approach that is based on the generalized eigenvectors of affinity matrix to extract(More)
Abstract. We show that the scale-space operators defined by a class of refinable kernels satisfy a version of the causality property, and a sequence of such operators converges to the corresponding operator with the Gaussian kernel, if the sequence of refinable kernels converges to the Gaussian function. In addition, we consider discrete analogs of these(More)
We consider a class of functions, defined on a locally compact abelian group by letting a class of modulation operators act on a countable collection of functions. We derive sufficient conditions for such a class of functions to form a Bessel sequence or a frame and for two such systems to be dual frames. Explicit constructions are obtained via various(More)